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Sunday, November 16, 2008

a birthday celebration!!

My SD just turned 12... I think she thinks she just turned 20! It was our weekend this weekend to have her....so we decided to do it up big time! We let her bring a friend to our house for the weekend. She brought her friend C that we LOVE! Saturday night we had my entire family- mom, dad, my sister, SD, her friend C and hubby- we all went to Durham to Southpoint. We ate dinner at PF Chang's (my Favorite and SD's too) and then the hubby surpised us all when we went to Cheescake Factory for dessert! It was amazing.

Not only was it great because of good food, but because we all took one car to get there (which made for a fun ride), we had all the family (just missing my little bro- Budman) and we had lots of GREAT laughs! It was a night I know I will not forget. I just hope the same for SD! We love her so much and I want nothing more than to make great memories for her like my parents did.
Her is a pic of her and her friend when we were in between eating places!


Blogger new mom in law said...

What fun times! Can't believe SD is only 12! She and her friend both look older! Where's my piece of cheesecake????????

November 17, 2008 at 8:50 AM  

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