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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being an AUNT!!

So...since we have established I can not have my own kiddos. (well the doctor's say that- I still believe in Faith!) I have my best friends kiddos that I claim!
I am already an aunt. Well not technically, but my best friend, known as Mandy Pandy has a little one. I am her Aunt Lessy- Lele! I love it! I love her! We will refer to her as RE. (Those are her intials) She was born July 5, 2007. Mandy Pandy has been an amazing friend through all of this. She is not one that has shyed away from the issue, but said here have mine for a little bit, I will share her! So I have, I have babysat, played and just went to see her. When I was not living in AC it was so hard for me to miss seing her grow up, but now I am back! MP and RE came over to visit the other day! She is 16 months and almost potty trained. They go to the little gym (which I think is the coolest thing!). She has learned sign language there and MP is a great mom that re teaches. The kiddo came up to me the other day at my house as I was eating string cheese. I had given her a little bite as I opended it. She walked up to me and did the sign language for more, please. I couldn't resist! Then she said Thank You, in sign language! It was precious! Don't get me wrong, she can speak words to. I just think it is amazing that she can do both! Here are a few pics from when they came to visit- she was reading to me!

Not only am I an adopted aunt, but in like 2 and half months I will be a real aunt!! My sis in law is having a baby!! I wish I could say if I am having a niece or a nephew, but she is waiting to find out! It is driving me crazy! Either way I can not wait! Here is a pic of her at the shower we threw her! I hope I am a great aunt!


Blogger new mom in law said...

How blessed those nieces and nephews will be growing up with YOU as their aunt. There is something real special about them...I adore mine!!

November 20, 2008 at 11:08 AM  

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