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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The best volleyball team in NC!

Here they are... The best 15's JO volleyball team in NC!! Well at least that's my opinion.

One of my other jobs besides teaching is coaching! I love it. Sometimes I wonder if I was meant more to coach then to teach. :) I currently coach JV cheerleading at the high school that I teach at... but I also coach this precious volleyball team you see in the pic above!

Let me tell you why I love coaching this so much... 1. I love volleyball. It has been a passion of mine since I was in middle school. 2. One of my best friends coaches the team with me. 3. It is competitive...its nice to coach when the girls and parents want to win! 4. I have amazing talent and great girls on my team. 5. The parents are AMAZING! they are so helpful and supportive!

I could honestly go on and on with the list. I am so blessed that they choose me to coach for the Alamance Force JO organization. We had a tournament this weekend and my little team (I say little because we are almost always the shortest team) kicked behind!! We ended up making it to the semi finals! I was and am soo proud of them!

Coaching is a great thing but when you have team like I do its an AMAZING thing!!

"Coaching is a profession of love. You can't coach people unless you love them."-- Eddie Robinson

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sooner than we thought!!

Well today was the big day! I went up to Richfield and stayed the night with my friend Shelly so I would not have such a far drive back and forth this morning. As I was making the drive this morning so Many memories came back. I thought about all the many visits from last time we went through IVF. As I walked into the doctors office I had a lot of emotions... It was probably a good thing I was by myself. :)

I was excited to try and get some answers and to find out when we could try again! I got see Dr. Matthews. I was really excited to get to have her as a doctor again. I liked her a lot and she was very encouraging last time. She of course greeted me with a smile and made me feel so welcome.

We started the convo with talk about last cycle. She said we beat a lot of the statistics that were stacked against us based on Brads infertility issues from his previous marriage. She did not even think we were going to have as many eggs fertilize as we did. So she was positive that we had two being frozen. She said that they could not point out a specific reason that it did not work , which is what I thought I would hear. But its ok because she said most of the time when they CAN point out the problem its usually not a good thing. She seemed very positive about our frozen embryos. Yay!

We then moved conversation to our frozen little ones. I have been praying for them! We started talkin about when we would like to do the transfer. Hubby and I had talked about this previous to the appointment and decided that early summer would be the best time. However, that was not going to work with the clinic for different reasons. Sooo... dr. matthews and I sat and talked and talked.... She made the suggestion that we start NOW! I was like oh my! Im not sure that I am ready for NOW! The last time I was in the bed a lot and having to go to the office a lot for appointments/ultrasounds. She then took the time to explain that the frozen process is VERY different and I would not have to have as much time. Two visits and the procedure. Sooo the more we talked about it.... the more I became ok with it. Positives- I wont have to take but one shot this round. It cost less than half of what the first round was and less driving for visits.

Long story short and an hour later... We are going to start everything as soon as I start my next cycle. The main prayer I have now is that the embryos make it through the thawing process. We only have 2, so we have to pray hard that they make it! We won't find out until the day of the transfer if they make it or not....so it will be lots of prayers until then. If everything with my cycle goes as planned we are looking at the first of March for a transfer!! So I guess its time to strap in and hold on... Its time for another Ride!

I know there are other bloggers out there going through IVF right now...You are in my prayers!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Thoughts and Prayers!!

So earlier today I made a post about just how "great" my life has been lately. (sarcasm inserted here!)

Well God must have been on the speed dial today....after sending the message hubby called and was going to stop by the post office. While we were in the processing of switching houses and living with my parents we had gotten a post office box. It ran up in Dec. and we had totally forgotten to go by and turn in the key and get the last of our mail. Hubby called and was overwhelmed with ALL the mail we had. Today was exam day at school and I was done giving my exam, so I said just stop by and we can go through what is important and what is trash.

We had been curious where his unemployment check was because we had yet to receive any info. Well low and behold there it was!! They did not have our new address!

Then in the middle of the pile was an envelope from our fertility clinic. I almost didn't open it because I thought its just a reminder for my appointment on Monday. I opened it anyways. After opening it I realized God has a very funny sense of humor because in that envelope was a refund check that equaled more than what Hubby would have made the whole time he has been laid off. We had no idea it was coming so it was a big surprise! He does answers prayers in His own way and timing! It always makes you smile.

AND...Right after that, we got a phone call that Hubby got a job interview with the City of Durham. Another prayer answered!!

How amazing!!


It has been awhile since I have posted. We have had a lot going on in our lives lately. Quick update!

1. Christmas went great....Hubby was laid off day before Christmas... Great Present huh?!

2. New Years was good... New Years Eve we had a tree fall on the back of our house/yard. Took out our new fence and new grill. Exciting!

3. My brakes went out on my car last week....took it to the shop. The next morning I went to crank up hubbys truck to defrost it and locked the keys in the car with it running (and we have no spare)!

4. Hubby thought he was going to get to go back to work this past Monday, only to find out Sunday at 9pm that he is laid off ...AGAIN!!

So as you can see we have had an eventful last few weeks. I am ready for some good in my life.

I posted in my previous post that my doctors appointment was the 13th. I was wrong it is the 19th! So Monday I will return to the doc to see what happened the last time and discuss plans for the next try! I have soo many emotions. Please keep us in your prayers as we are going through some tough times!! He is in control... I just keep reminding myself that! :)

As of now... I am thinking positive thoughts!