Our "special" life

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well.... right now there is not much to update. This is the part of the process that I hate. Taking the bc pills and waiting. However, this week will start the action. I have a counter full off meds, including my wonderful shots I must take starting Wednesday. I am very excited because it means we are that much closer to find out if it works... so far I have tried to just keep my mind off of it, plus I have been so busy I have not had much time to think about it.
I have a question for anyone that might know the answer!! We are traveling to Colorado Friday- Monday. I am wondering if it is ok for me to travel with all these drugs and my needles? Anyone got a clue if I can take them with me.... I need to have them on my carry on because I will need to give myself a shot when we get in Denver. Let me know if you have any insight?!!
Thats it for the update as of now... Ill know more the start of March and Ill be sure to update! Keep praying!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Its Time!

I started my cycle today.... I called the womens institute. Nurse Kim called me back being her chipper self! I started my birth control pills today. I start the Lupron on the 25th of Feb...and then we will go from there! :) Let the prayers begin!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OUCH!..and WOW!

This week has been one rough week. I say Ouch in the title of this post for many reasons... let me quickly explain so I can get to the WOW part!

Monday- not that bad of a day...just really busy (starting a new semseter of classes....says enough!)
Tuesday- We had snow Monday night! Yay! Because of the snow we had a 2 hour delay. I decided on my way to school that I would treat myself to Biscutville (my favorite place for a biscuit!). The drive-thru was long so I decided to go in. smart huh? Not so much! As I was going in a little sweet old man was warning me of the slippery black ice near the door. I walked carefully but did not really see what he was talking about. On the way out I remembered his warning... however, the black ice dripped me! Let me set the scence for you. I am carrying my LARGE diet coke and bag with biscuit. Where I was parked I had to walk in front of the drive-thru line where they get their food. Guess where I fell. Yep.. right in front of the car getting their food. The lady in the car was busy getting her food and did not see me fall so she started to roll forward. At this point I am in so much pain...I did not just fall... I busted! Fell on my hip then went to my back, spilt my drink everywhere and I think gave myself whiplash! I am trying to get my breath back when I see tires rolling toward me. Finally she saw me.... My life was saved! There is so much more to the story.... Lets continue to today!

Wednesday- I woke up this morning in more pain than I think I have ever felt. I guess the soarness set in! I felt like I had worked out at the gym and worked every muscle in my neck and back!! Went to work just wanting to get the day over with....TOUGH day at work ( lets just keep it at that... it was not a good day!) ** Now this is where the WOW part comes in. Hubby and I have been really praying that God would bless our obdience in tithing. We really wanted to keep the money for ourselves... since things have been tight, but trusted the Lord would be faithful to our obdience.... and HE WAS!! Hubby got a phone call today from his mother that we had a check waiting on us from his grandfather that will cover the whole cost of our frozen embryo transfer so we do not have to use the rest of our savings!!! * believe me it was going to be gone after this last attempt* How amazing!
I am now in my PJs, took a muscle relaxer with my heating pad and watching all my DVRed shows I have not had time to watch. I guess bad day turned good!!

Another praise-- Baby Harper is going home from the hospital tomorrow!! Check out Kelly's Korner on blogs I follow for the full story of how God healed a little girl and answered prayers. What an amazing Dad we have!! :) ** Now if HE can just heal this pain I have! I think I should get free biscuits for a year cause of my accident! Anyone else agree?!?!