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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy early Anniversary!

Two years ago on Dec 9th, I married an amazing man! Last year he attempted to be romantic and take me to my favorite place- The Melting Pot! (this is my fav but we only go here like once a year- to expensive!) However, my hubby did not know that at the melting pot you must make reservations. Soo..... on our wonderful one year anniversary we went to this HORRIBLE comedy club that was so bad that we got up and left 30 minutes into the show, before even getting our food. (Don't worry we were not that rude, we told the Waiter we were leaving!) We got in the car and laughed so hard for like 10 minutes. We were in tears. We laughed more in the car at the situation then we did the whole 30 minutes we were in the show! We were in Charlotte at the time because it was the closest big town near good ole Stanly County! But we were not on the "good" side of town! The only place to eat by this time open near where we were was Krispy Kreme. So, hubby and I went to Krispy Kreme and ate a doughnut together for our special one year anniversary! At least the hot and now sign was on!!
So this year I asked my sweet hubby "Would you like me to handle things for our dinner this year , since things did not go so well last year?" He replied with "NO thank you...I can handle this and I promise it will be better!!"
Tonight is the night! And guess what?! I am sooooo stinkin sick! I mean my whole body hurts. I have gone through a box of Kleenex's, bottle of Tylenol and still I feel miserable! I have been this way for about two days but of course today is the worst. I had the Christmas parade this morning with my cheerleaders... that did not help the situation. Hubby tells me yesterday- "But this time I MADE reservations, We are going to the Melting Pot! Really we are - we have actual reservations at 7!" He is so excited and proud of himself... so as soon as I finish typing this entry I am going to drug myself again and take a nap. I am determined to feel better!!
**Also- My good friend from school Ruthanne called and her and her boyfriend are going to the comedy club in Greensboro tonight! What a coincidence! Brad and I both laughed and said we have to go! We can't break tradition! :) I am feeling better already just thinking about it...I am so blessed to have such an amazing guy to call my husband!!

I love you!


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