Our "special" life

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The big day!

So today was the big day! I was sooo nervous...we didn't even make it to Charlotte before I had to stop hubby and go potty! haha Then when I checked in and they took vitals they couldn't get my pulse down. I was still waiting to find out if my embryos had made it through thawing.
Finally Dr. Matthews came in and they informed that both of the embryos we had in freezing MADE IT!! I was sooo excited. So they implanted both of them! Now Its the dreaded 2 week wait and 3 days bed rest. I have had soo many friends and family praying and calling to check on me. I feel such a peace this time. I know the prayers are working..... THANK YOU!! April 9 will be the day we find out!

** And talk about timing... one of my old roomates called today to let me know her and her husband are expecting twins... They have only been married like a year... crazy... and amazing timing for her to call right!?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 more days!

The title says it all ....2 more days until the transfer...please pray for our little embryos and for my sanity! My emotions are off the charts and not to mention I have not been feeling the best thanks to all the hormone injections! Here is to two more days!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today was a big day for me! I had my appointment at the Women's Clinic this morning. It was early, but I made it. (Thanks to Shelly for always letting me stay with you before appointments so the rides aren't so long! I love u! ) I had an ultra sound done today to check my lining. They were wanting it to be a certain thickness. I had the ultrasound done....I then met Nurse Kim at the nurses station where I get "the report". She brought me in a little room which is different then the other times I had been. I got nervous. As she shut the door....she told me things looked beautiful! I was so relieved...my lining was exactly what they wanted it to be! Sooo... she brought me in the room so we could talk about when the transfer would be and my meds until then!! The embryologist said everything was good and on go. The transfer will take place Thursday the 26th! Every fertility clinic does it different, but mine has us go on bed rest for 3 days after the procedure. So I will be laid up in the bed until that Sunday! Hope I don't go crazy! Its hard for me to stay at the house for the weekend much less in a bed for 3 straight days!! I have so many emotions...excited, scared, nervous, hopeful...I could go on. So, now I just have to pray those little embryos make it through the thawing process and then stick!!

God and I had a lot of talk time on my way home for the 2 hour ride. I started by pleading with Him and begging that it work and that I have a baby at the end. By the end of my trip I was in tears and had a complete different thought. A song game on the radio that God laid on my heart at the beginning of this journey. I had not heard it in months until today. It is "Bring the Rain". I sobbed. I then changed my prayer. God you are in control. You already have this planned and I just pray that your will be done. I then said, but if it does not work and that is part of Your plan ...I pray you give me strength and hope to make it through cause I know I won't be able to do it on my own. So- my prayer is that God's will be done in mine and Brad's life...and that He carry us through this process. We are weak and He is strong. Simple lyrics we sing as a child...but have so much meaning to me right now. Thank you to everyone that is praying! We love you!

** Say a prayer I start my progesterone shot tomorrow- its given in the rear end... and my hubby has to give it! I am VERY nervous!

Friday, March 6, 2009


My cycle started.... Next appointment is March 18th. We will see if things are good to go then. If so possible transfer date is the 23rd! Ill keep you posted... say a prayer for hubby... I started all the estrogen today! :).....wrote this friday and just now posting!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it ever going to come!?!?!?

Well... I just needed to vent for a moment. Those of you who have been through this might know what I am talking about. I am at the point where I just went off my birth control pills and everything can pretty much start as soon as I "start". Problem ...I have been off the pills they had me on for about a week and still nothing. I am starting to get worried and I know that does not help anything, but I don't want something to be wrong. I never thought I would be one that would pray for my cycle to come... but I am now!! This morning was tough emotionally for me...just woke up wanting a family of my own.... but was reminded that God is in control not me. I just prayed on the way to work this morning that I let go and let God. I need to constantly remind myself that HE is in control of this situaion and not me.
**I am in class right now and had a few minutes as my students were working on a project. One of my students had a CD and begged me to play it. I work in innercity school for the most part... So I was very worried, but its a gospel CD and is encouraging for me right now. Who would have ever thought it would be gospel!? Its the little things God does for us. I guess its still the waiting game for now!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor = IDIOT!

Ok so I know that the title of this blog is a little mean.... but it is the truth!
I was a huge fan of Jason, the single dad bachelor, and I knew that he was going to be the one smart bachelor that made the right choice. As I sat last night glued to the TV....Yes I am addicted to this show and reality TV ( I know it is a serious problem... my husband is seeking a support group for me!)...I was so excited to see that Jason was smart. I called my mom and were both so excited that he chose Melissa and made the right choice! (Or at least the right choice in our eyes!)

Then.... all my opinions changed when After the Final Rose came on. I lost all respect for him and Molly. I could go into detail but it could get real ugly. I'll just say this. STUPID! Melissa you deserve better girl! Jason is an idiot and Molly is not far behind for just jumping right in and making out with him on the couch right after he dumped poor melissa!

Ok so Now that I have that out of my system!! I will blog later this week about our wonderful trip to Colorado and update on our fertility cycle! Right now we are still in that wonderful waiting process! Hopefully I will have more news by the end of the week!! Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words :)