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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One of my favorite places and tradition!

I love spending time with my hubby's family! After we got married we moved to Stanly county. We lived on 11 acres in his uncle's old house, next door to his grandfather (papaw) and his mom was one house down from him! It was interesting to say the least, but in those two years I grew to love the place across the street the most!

Across the street from our house was papaw's farm ( so we call it!). It is little for Stanly Co. It is 82 acres. He has three ponds and "the cabin" on the land. Being a county girl by heart, I LOVE to go fishing. We ride our 4 wheeler across the street and fish all day. Then when we would get done we would walk up to the cabin, grab a drink and lunch, watch a little TV, take a nap and then head back to the house. It was like your own mini vacation across the way. I love it and I miss it dearly!!

This is the front of the cabin- we go here every year for year Christmas. Papaw had a fire on the deck and we sat in the chairs until dinner. He just extended the deck...isnt it beautiful!

Here is SD with one of her favorite things- Papaw's donkeys. He has four, but the baby was off by himself! She loves to go feed them.

I love Christmas at the cabin. It is one of my very favorite traditions! I love hubby's family and spending time with them! In this pic is hubby, brother in law, mother in law (holding baby Leah) and sis in law!

Here is the rest of the family- Papaw is standing and the other two on the left are Bill Jr (hubbys uncle) and his girlfriend Ann!

I am so blessed to be a part of such a special family!! We had a great Christmas together at the cabin!


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