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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boomama's Christmas Tour of homes!

BooMamaChristmasTour src="http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h134/boomama205/boomamachristmassmall1.jpg" border=0>

I am so excited about the tour of homes for Christmas! Even though I am late!! :) We have only been in our new home for 2 months so I don't have all my decorations up, but it still looks amazing! We love Christmas. It reminds us of our amazing Savior and when He entered the world. The Christmas decorations are all great, but Jesus IS the reason for the season! So welcome to our home....Come in grab a cup of hot chocolate and make yourself at home! Our front door.... Come on in!

The house at night! The hubby loves putting up the lights! My amazing mother in law is soo crafty, she made this snowman for me! He even lights up at night!

This little snowman greets us in the garage!

I love this Santa...its different- another one of MIL's creations!

The dinning table- this will have to do for this year.... it will be better next year! I just had to use what I had this time.... got ideas for next year already!

I know, how sad! We did not have time to get a real tree this year so we are using the baby already lit tree! Again next year we will have our tree back!! :)

I love our mantle, so many cute things. The angel is one my favorites!

The foyer as you enter!

My manger scene...what CHRISTmas is all about!

He hangs on our coat closet... MIL made him too!! (she is soo talented! )

I had to show this again....I love our snowman that says The Morris' - I got it at the Christmas craft show!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Blogger Jill @ Live Laugh Blog said...

Super cute! Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2008 at 7:46 PM  
Blogger Krysta said...

Hey I noticed you were a new follower of me, so I came over to check out your blog. Your house is decorated SO cute and I just love your little tree. I'm looking forward to following your blog! We can support each other through the ups and downs of infertility.

December 23, 2008 at 4:51 AM  
Blogger Ami said...

Your little tree is so cute! I don't blame you for forgoing the real one after such a recent move. We moved into our house on Dec. 15 three years ago. We ended up getting a tree on the 18th or so, but it was stressful. :) Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2008 at 1:26 PM  
Blogger Jenny Lynn said...

It looks so good!!!

I'm so impressed :)

Hope yall have a fantastic Christmas!

December 23, 2008 at 8:44 PM  

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