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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One of my favorite places and tradition!

I love spending time with my hubby's family! After we got married we moved to Stanly county. We lived on 11 acres in his uncle's old house, next door to his grandfather (papaw) and his mom was one house down from him! It was interesting to say the least, but in those two years I grew to love the place across the street the most!

Across the street from our house was papaw's farm ( so we call it!). It is little for Stanly Co. It is 82 acres. He has three ponds and "the cabin" on the land. Being a county girl by heart, I LOVE to go fishing. We ride our 4 wheeler across the street and fish all day. Then when we would get done we would walk up to the cabin, grab a drink and lunch, watch a little TV, take a nap and then head back to the house. It was like your own mini vacation across the way. I love it and I miss it dearly!!

This is the front of the cabin- we go here every year for year Christmas. Papaw had a fire on the deck and we sat in the chairs until dinner. He just extended the deck...isnt it beautiful!

Here is SD with one of her favorite things- Papaw's donkeys. He has four, but the baby was off by himself! She loves to go feed them.

I love Christmas at the cabin. It is one of my very favorite traditions! I love hubby's family and spending time with them! In this pic is hubby, brother in law, mother in law (holding baby Leah) and sis in law!

Here is the rest of the family- Papaw is standing and the other two on the left are Bill Jr (hubbys uncle) and his girlfriend Ann!

I am so blessed to be a part of such a special family!! We had a great Christmas together at the cabin!

Our newest addition!!

We have a new addition to the family!! We went to pick up one puppy and ended up leaving with two!! They were the only two left and my husband is a sucker for puppies. We got a little girl and a little boy boxer. The little girl had a hurt foot. We thought it would get better but after a few days there was no improvement. The vet said she had a fractured ankle. So, we returned her. I was so sad. But we still have the little boy! His name is Drake and he is precious!! He loves to cuddle but is so wild and crazy at the same time! He takes after his mother. haha! Diesel our 1 1/2 year old boxer thinks Drake is his play toy! Diesel has been our baby since right after we were married and you can tell he is sooo worried his spot in the bed is going to be taken. We love our new addition. :)

Here is SD with both of the puppies! We loved her too!

The picture below is Mr. Drake himself! Isn't he soo cute!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family Time!

Today SD and I decided to stay at home and spend Family time together baking! We made sugar cookies and decorated them! WE had a blast!! We love having her here...She is staying half of Christmas break with us!! Tomorrow morning is Christmas at our house (she goes home just for Christmas morning and then we get her back til Sunday!) So as soon as I get done making this blog I must go finish my Santa duties!! I love Christmas :) Here are a few pics from day of Family time!

SD decorating her cookies!! She is soo creative
So proud of our creations!

Now I love these kinda of stockings!!

The final product- notice the gingerbread at the very top without a head!! Oops! :)

We also made our favorite finger food to take to Christmas lunch tomorrow at Hubby's mom's. They are Chicken/bacon wraps - Ill list the recipe below!! They are so tasty and easy to make!! Try it! :)


One pack of the chicken tenderlions thawed (you can use the regular breast they are just harder to cut into little pieces), a pack of bacon, brown sugar, chili powder and toothpicks

How to:

Cut the chicken into small pieces (if using the tenderlions you can usually get 4 pieces out of each one )

Cut all the bacon in half

Wrap a half piece of uncooked bacon around a small piece of uncooked chicken. (hold it together with a toothpick)

* Mix together a 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1 teaspooon (u can a add 1/2 to this if you want a little more flavor -I do this!) of chili powder in a small bowl.

Roll your wrapped chicken in the mixture till it is coated!

Place on a broiler pan (you can use a cookie sheet- the broiler pan is just easier for clean up!)

Broil on high for about 7-10 minutes or until done!!


** If you try the recipe let me know what you think!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boomama's Christmas Tour of homes!

BooMamaChristmasTour src="http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h134/boomama205/boomamachristmassmall1.jpg" border=0>

I am so excited about the tour of homes for Christmas! Even though I am late!! :) We have only been in our new home for 2 months so I don't have all my decorations up, but it still looks amazing! We love Christmas. It reminds us of our amazing Savior and when He entered the world. The Christmas decorations are all great, but Jesus IS the reason for the season! So welcome to our home....Come in grab a cup of hot chocolate and make yourself at home! Our front door.... Come on in!

The house at night! The hubby loves putting up the lights! My amazing mother in law is soo crafty, she made this snowman for me! He even lights up at night!

This little snowman greets us in the garage!

I love this Santa...its different- another one of MIL's creations!

The dinning table- this will have to do for this year.... it will be better next year! I just had to use what I had this time.... got ideas for next year already!

I know, how sad! We did not have time to get a real tree this year so we are using the baby already lit tree! Again next year we will have our tree back!! :)

I love our mantle, so many cute things. The angel is one my favorites!

The foyer as you enter!

My manger scene...what CHRISTmas is all about!

He hangs on our coat closet... MIL made him too!! (she is soo talented! )

I had to show this again....I love our snowman that says The Morris' - I got it at the Christmas craft show!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So it begins... AGAIN!

I did it. I made the call. Brad and I talked about it and decided we would definitely try again this summer with our two frozen embryos. I called and left a message for nurse Kim ,our nurse last cycle. She called me back about an hour later. She was her chipper self and so excited that we decided to give it one last shot! Those frozen embryos could be our future babies. I have a consult with Dr. Matthews on Jan. 13. We have a plan after that meeting!
So many emotions come with just one phone call. I am excited and hopeful, but terrified and scared at the same time. Most of all I have Faith! I have to rest in that ...Hubby and I have been covered in prayer by lots of family and amazing friends. If it is Gods plan it will happen.
I have a life verse that I have always lived by... Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Ps 37:4
I delight and trust in the Lord...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Leah Dawn Gurley

Her name is Leah Dawn Gurley. Born on December 13. She weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. She is perfect and the most adorable niece anyone could ask for! Hubby and I are the proudest Aunt and Uncle you could find! SD is a cousin for the first time and just as proud! We can't wait to watch her grow and be by her side for everything!! We will spoil her rotten!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Uppercase Living!!

I am now a demonstrator for what I think is the coolest product out there! I am going to be selling Uppercase Living on the side!

This product is so fun and personable. It is vinyl lettering for your walls, decorative tiles, cars, etc. There are so many options that it is endless. It looks as if someone has came in an painted the words on your walls. You can use an already created expression or create one on your own. Check out the website and let me know if you are interested in a book or ordering!! I will have more posts soon about info! Right now there is free shipping!

http://www.uppercaseliving.com/ this is the website!!

Our Trip plans...

My hubby not only planned an amazing night at the Melting Pot for our anniversary, but he also planned a trip I am sooo excited about!!

We are going to Breckenridge, Co. I am a HUGE fan of the reality TV show the "Bachelor" and the "Bachelorette". I saw Breckenridge on the show and knew immediately I wanted to visit there some day. My hubby remembered!! So in Feburuary we are going!

We are flying into Denver and then renting a car (Im very nervous about this part!) and driving an hour or so into Breckenridge. We are staying at The Village at Breckenridge. The place looks beautiful.
We are planning on going on a Dinner Sleigh Ride, riding the dog sleds, shopping and eating!! I can't wait! :)
We try each year to travel to a new place. So far we have been to: Nashville, TN; Mobile, Al; Atlanta, GA; New York, NY; and now we are adding Breckenridge, Co!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy early Anniversary!

Two years ago on Dec 9th, I married an amazing man! Last year he attempted to be romantic and take me to my favorite place- The Melting Pot! (this is my fav but we only go here like once a year- to expensive!) However, my hubby did not know that at the melting pot you must make reservations. Soo..... on our wonderful one year anniversary we went to this HORRIBLE comedy club that was so bad that we got up and left 30 minutes into the show, before even getting our food. (Don't worry we were not that rude, we told the Waiter we were leaving!) We got in the car and laughed so hard for like 10 minutes. We were in tears. We laughed more in the car at the situation then we did the whole 30 minutes we were in the show! We were in Charlotte at the time because it was the closest big town near good ole Stanly County! But we were not on the "good" side of town! The only place to eat by this time open near where we were was Krispy Kreme. So, hubby and I went to Krispy Kreme and ate a doughnut together for our special one year anniversary! At least the hot and now sign was on!!
So this year I asked my sweet hubby "Would you like me to handle things for our dinner this year , since things did not go so well last year?" He replied with "NO thank you...I can handle this and I promise it will be better!!"
Tonight is the night! And guess what?! I am sooooo stinkin sick! I mean my whole body hurts. I have gone through a box of Kleenex's, bottle of Tylenol and still I feel miserable! I have been this way for about two days but of course today is the worst. I had the Christmas parade this morning with my cheerleaders... that did not help the situation. Hubby tells me yesterday- "But this time I MADE reservations, We are going to the Melting Pot! Really we are - we have actual reservations at 7!" He is so excited and proud of himself... so as soon as I finish typing this entry I am going to drug myself again and take a nap. I am determined to feel better!!
**Also- My good friend from school Ruthanne called and her and her boyfriend are going to the comedy club in Greensboro tonight! What a coincidence! Brad and I both laughed and said we have to go! We can't break tradition! :) I am feeling better already just thinking about it...I am so blessed to have such an amazing guy to call my husband!!

I love you!